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(Unila): An official Webometrics version of Indonesia’s best universities was published on January 30th, 2022, and Universitas Lampung (Unila) has made it to number 9 in that list as released on their official website Compared to 2021, when this ranking was in 24th place, this one has risen significantly.
Some 2,586 Indonesian universities, both public and private, were ranked for their impact, openness, and academic excellence. As of the most recent rankings, Unila is ranked 9th, with an impact score of 818, an openness score of 1,523, and an excellence score of 3,675, respectively.
Prof. Suharso, Unila’s Vice Rector for Planning, Cooperation, and Information and Communication Technology (ICT), explained that the rise in the Webometrics ranking was the result of the collaboration between the Webometrics team and Unila’s academics.
Suharso continued by outlining the number of  actions taken by the Webometrics team to raise this accomplishment. Identifying the areas where the University needed to improve from the previous year was the first step, followed by creating an action plan that would produce noticeable results in those areas.
“Asking academics to check that their publications were accurately indexed in Google Scholar, increasing citations, keeping an eye on the works of Unila’s academics, and improving websites were a few of these,” said Suharso, Tuesday, 1 February 2022.
Suharso asserted that he was happy and proud of the accomplishment, which was the result of hard work. He expressed his appreciation to all the Unila faculty members for the collaboration to raise the university’s Webometrics ranking.
In addition, the Head of the Unila’s  ICT department, Muhamad Komarudin, who was a member of the Webometrics team, then described the actions the team had taken, such as redesigning the Unila’s official website and creating an English-language version of it, to raise the Impact Rank.
He was appreciative that this work had led to Unila’s Impact Rank rising from 1,313 last year to 818 this year. “We also collaborate with a number of  institutions and post them on their websites in order to have our visibility significantly increased,” said Komarudin.
The Team also fixed Google Scholar accounts of Unila academics to improve the accuracy of citation counts, he added. Last year, Unila had an Openness rating of 5,954; this year, it stands at 1,533. Moreover, the rise of articles in numbers included in the Scimago Rank necessarily improved the Unila’s Webometrics ranking.
“A large number of our academics’ publications that are indexed in Scopus resulted Unila in one of  the Indonesia’s best 10 universities as ranked by Scimago and this leads to the improvement of Unila’s Webometrics ranking,” he stated. []
A list of top 15 Indonesian universities, according to Webometrics, includes the following institutions:
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